Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thanksgiving and Birthdays!

This year we went to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving and my birthday. I didn't take any pictures, so you're just going to have to deal with my ramblings! My mom took a bunch of pictures and sent them my way, so for those of you who have already read this, take a second gander.

Ty just started working the night shift 7 days on and 7 days off (LOVE IT!!!) and so we spent from Wednesday night to Sunday afternoon there. My mom made a really yummy lemon layer cake for my my request...which was divine! Ty seriously thought I was going to be 25 this year! Hahaha!

Thursday everyone was there except my sister Christen. My uncle Ron and Grandpa and Great Grandma were there as well a couple of Colin's friends.  My cousin Trevor and his family came, too. They just had a little boy, Colt and we went to the blessing on Sunday as well. They always bring good games to play so that was fun! BTW I won! The meal, as usual was super yummy! I think there were enough pies for each of us to eat 1/2! I made a peanut butter chocolate pie that was really good!

Friday I woke up early and started working on a Quiet Book for Josie's Christmas present. That afternoon my sister in-law watched Josie so we could go to the temple. Thanks Laura! It was really nice. We were able to do sealings. Afterwards we picked up some goodies at Hancock Fabrics and got a sweet deal on gifts for the YW for their birthdays next year! Yea! I spent most of the next 2 days working on Josie's book, but got a lot done. Josie also got to play a lot with her cousin Ava. Thanks Ty, Mom and Laura!

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  1. Happy Late Birthday! Josie is really starting to look like cute!