Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Josie hasn't been feeling so great recently. After 4 ear infections within 2 months we decided it was time to  visit an ENT. The on-call pediatrician didn't want to give us a referral as he didn't think that was necessary and wanted us to come in and see him first. We knew what the story would be, another ear infection and more antibiotics, more rashes, more not eating, more medicine, blah, blah, blah. Well after talking with a friend of ours who is a doctor he said that we should call our insurance and check with them to see if we needed a referral. So the next day I did. Luckily there was no need for a referral and there was even a Pediatric ENT in Twin Falls, so that meant we didn't have to drive to Boise! YEA!

The Doctor had a cancellation that afternoon and got us right in. Sure enough another infection. She also thought Josie should get tubes placed soon. So we scheduled the appt for 7:30 am  Monday, November 14. We had to be there at 6:30 am so we got all ready to go and scooped Josie out of bed, Cookie Monster, Elmo blanket and all, and headed to the surgery center.
Ty had to go to "dog court" after the surgery to defend himself in a barking dog case, so he's all dressed up! (BTW he won the only case that day and we don't have to pay the $100 fine, although he did spend the ENTIRE day at the court house! Go Ty!)

Josie loved the bars on the bed in the pre-op holding room. She didn't like to wear the blue beau font hat, but on Cookie Monster it looked smashing!

It was only about 15 mins that we had to wait before they came and got her. They used mask anesthesia and no IVs. They also did an allergy test while she was in surgery to see if that was making the ear infections worse. Those results aren't back yet.
She was only gone to surgery for about 15 mins before they brought her back in, crying, with her eyes still closed from the anesthesia and in a lot of pain. Although they gave her a Tylenol suppository, it didn't help at all. We gave her a little juice and took her home. I was so glad it was only 10 mins to our house and not 2.5 hours!

We listened to a little Don Williams on Pandora and she fell into a light sleep on Dad's lap. However, that didn't last long. I gave her some Ibuprofen and within 30 mins she was literally back to her old self. She slept for about an hour in the morning. She really, really wanted to go outside and play and mean-ole-Mom wouldn't let her. We spent the rest of the day inside napping and playing.

So far she is doing great! She doesn't need any pain medicine anymore and appears to be healing well!

Love you Josie bug!! Hope you feel all better soon!

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  1. Sure glad to hear that she is ok again. Also glad that the three canines will not have to go to jail.

  2. I hope Josie feels better soon too! Surgeries are no fun, in fact they seem to be harder on mom and dad than on the kids! Well, she is such a doll Melissa, so so cute!
    P.S. I wanna know how and what sends a person to dog court??

  3. A crazy neighbor that lives 6 houses away thinks he's a "dog whisperer". He called the police when Summer was barking and they issued a citation. Unless we wanted to pay the $100 we had to go to court to defend it. Lots of fun...not!