Friday, June 10, 2011

Josie's First Tooth and other 1 Year Facts

Josie got her first tooth on Saturday May 14, the day of her birthday party. Three days before her actual birthday. We didn't have any idea that she was teething! This is the only one so far. (You can kind of see it there on the bottom to the left).

She loves to "furniture surf" to get where she is going!
She climbs on anything that comes in her way, including dogs.

Josie knows how to walk, and if we take her hand she will walk next to us, but prefers to crawl everywhere. Ty thinks she's been knocked over to many times by the dogs and will sit down right away if she gets nervous.

She is so proud of herself when she walks her cart around the house!

She is awesome at stairs and climbs back down them so she doesn't get hurt.
Good thing too as she now also uses the dog door as much as the dogs.

She loves to smile and giggle and babble to herself.

Josie loves to put her head on the ground and look at us between her legs and giggle.
She loves it when we help her do a somersault.

She loves to wave hi and bye, but says "hi" for both.
She loves to repeat this over and over. "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi!"

She also says book, dad, mom, dog, and a few others and tries to sound like a sheep, a chicken and what we refer to as a pterodactyl screech.

She loves to shake her head at you, but has to clue what that means.

She LOVES to dance to any kind of music.

She has cut back on her Don Williams listening. :)

Jo still loves her bath, but has a hard time staying sat down.

Now she gets scared when she wakes up when we're not in the room and cries.
She used to play in her crib but now only wants held.

She hates is when we put her down to sleep, but that doesn't last long as she is usually pretty tired. Sometimes if we check on her too soon she quickly scrambles to sit up as if she is letting us know that she is not tired. (This is one such incident!)

She loves to play outside in the yard with the dogs. She crawls around in the grass for hours, inspecting things and shouting about nothing in particular.

She also loves to play on the lawn mower.

She hates being fed with a spoon, except occasionally let me feed her yogurt.
Everything else, she has to feed herself.

She loves to eat her finger foods.
She loves raisins, watermelon, pears, broccoli, breads and crackers, turkey and cheese. She also thinks dog food kibbles are great finger foods.

She is very much a Daddy's girl!
She loves to be held, but easily lets you know when she wants down.

Josie notices when we're not watching her and makes a pathetic sounding cry until we look back at her. Then she smiles and laughs.

She loves her new foot bath aka dog water dish!

Her favorite game is to chase mom and dad around and find us hiding behind things.

Her favorite drink second to whole milk is prune juice (good thing too, for how much she loves cheese!)

Josie's favorite breakfast cereal is mini-wheats. She LOVES these! LOVES THEM!

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  1. Josie's so cute! It was fun to read all the facts about Josie and see how similar Ava and Josie are and also how completely different they are. :)

  2. When Ty left home, our cheese bill went down from two 5 lb bricks to only 1/4 brick each month. That may be where the cheese thing comes from.