Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lots of Winter Fun

The last few weeks have been really fun, but kind of tiring.

First off, I made some really good Game Hens that were so good! Ty insisted that we take a picture.

They were sooooo good! If you want the recipe here it is! Click Here! (I used hazelnuts instead of chestnuts and it was just amazing!)

Ty’s parents came up from Orem to visit for the weekend. It was fun to have them, but Josie and Ty were sick Saturday night and Sunday. We did get the chance to go to Josie’s swimming lessons and tubing on Saturday. Here are some cute pics!

Josie got to ride most of the time in her own tube with mom or dad holding the handles!

Ty’s dad made Josie a really cute step stool with Japanese symbol for peace inlaid on the top! He said it’s because she has such a sweet peaceful disposition. Thank You McKay!

This is Josie’s first sucker. Grandma felt like she needed to "corrupt" little Josie so she bought this at the grocery store. Josie didn’t really know what to do with it! It was so cute!

Last weekend some friend’s of ours invited us to go skiing with them, but we didn’t have a baby sitter for Josie. I figured I could just stay home with her, but Ty said we should both go and just trade off who sits with her in the Lodge, which was fine with me. Then a friend said they took their 6 month old in skiing down the hill in a front carrier and she did great.

This is a little practice the night before!

She did awesome!! She skied with me from about 9:30 until 12ish and then was pretty tired. I stayed with her while Ty and his friend Curtis skied and then Curtis volunteered to watch Jo while Ty and I went out! The weather was beautiful!! There was nearly a foot of new powder and the snow was awesome!! Thanks again, Paul, Paula and Curtis!

Josie had her 9 month appointment last week and she is doing great!

Still growing and eating like a champ!

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  1. You should know by now that it is the grandparents job to spoil the child. I wish you were closer so that we could do a better job of that grand parenting skill.