Saturday, September 25, 2010


We've sure been busy lately!!! A couple weeks ago there was a gorgeous, friendly dog running around the neighborhood on Friday afternoon and again Saturday morning. Her owner wasn't home so we kept her in our yard for an hour or so and left a note on their front door to call when they got home. When they called they proceeded to tell Ty their landlord wouldn't let them keep her and they wondered if we wanted her. Ty asked if that was okay and when I hesitated for a moment he said sure, we'll take her!


So Summer is now ours. She is only 6 months old, but is a very large puppy! She is 60# right now! She is a cross between an Ivory Lab and a Great Pyrenees.

She is house broken, but not really well trained at all. I don't think she had been on a leash much before and coming when called is definitely not her strong point. She has a tendency to drag everything out of the house through the too-small-for-her dog door onto the lawn. It's like a domestics graveyard! She steals Josie's blankies and toys too! It can be quite challenging some days! (I forgot how much work a new puppy is! )

This is what I saw one day after coming home from work. She had staked out her spot with the back door mat! She loves to sit outside all day and most of the night too. She must have been an outside door before we got her. She loves to bark when she's bored, so we're going to have to work on that!

She is really good with Josie, but pretty clumsy. I'm not so sure she knows where her paws actually are. She slides around on the tile like it's an ice skating rink.

One day Josie will be old enough to take care of her, but for now she's ours! :) Although we have yet to find out how she keeps getting out of the yard!


  1. She is beautiful... If she is an escape artist you might look into the dogwatch fence.. We installed one here for Kaiya and she hasn't gotten out since February!! Best money we ever spent cause we don't have to worry about tickets from the city!!

  2. She is beautiful!! What do scratch and sniff think of her?

  3. I think they are liking her more now. At first they weren't too sure of her! :)