Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Four Years of Bliss

So I know you were all probably looking forward to some great Christmas Pictures, but since we only ended up with 4 pictures the whole weekend we were there, you get to wait until my family sends me some of theirs.

Here is a funny one though. Most of the family went skiing and snowshoeing on Saturday with the dogs. The dogs were forced to share the middle seat in the back of the cab and didn't like it one bit. They've got some adjusting to do when the baby gets here! Haha!

Well today is also our 4th wedding Anniversary. It's gone by so fast, but sooooo good!

This is the last one we're doing "kid-less"! We're celebrating by heading down to Las Vegas for a few days of relaxing, hiking and SUNSHINE!!! Whew Hooo!! We're not even bringing the dogs! I feel so guilty! All that hiking and they don't get to come! :( Oh well!

We'll have some great picture to post then, I'm sure!

Happy New Year to All!


  1. Congrats on 4 years and happy new years to both of you. Your best years are still to come, kids make them even better :) Can't wait to hear what you're having! (If you find out that is)

  2. The picture of Scratch and Sniff made me laugh! :)

  3. As the keeper of the dogs while you are away, I wonder how they will "share" your affection when the baby comes. They are love hogs. There is just not enough for them.