Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Fun Weekend

This weekend Ty's parents came up to visit. They had UEA, which is a two day teacher/student vacation in the school system so I came up to Idaho to see us.

All week we had been having troubles with the toilet and Ty even pulled it up and flushed it out with a hose and "snaked" it several times, found nothing wrong and reinstalled it. But it still wasn't flushing.

This is me trying to get the last little bit of water out of the bottom on the bowl before it gets removed!

So...Friday night we all went to Lowe's and bought a new toilet and Ty installed it in about 20 minutes. (He's getting faster!!) It's so much quieter and flushes great now! :)

See how pretty it is! It's so shiny it's reflecting off the wall!!

Saturday morning we took all the dogs and drove out to Balanced Rock an hiked and played at the park for a while. It was a beautiful day!!

This is after a dip in the creek at the park. From Right to Left, Scratch, Koko, and Sniff

On our way home we ate at La Plaza in Buhl, the best Mexican restaurant ever!! Yummm...
Later that afternoon Ty had to "fog the cylinders" or finish winterizing my parent's boat, so we took it down to Centennial Park and cruised up to Pillar Falls. I had never been there and it was really pretty!

Then we went up and walked across the Perrine Bridge. These were some kayaks we saw when we were down there.

Afterwards we decided to rent a movie, InkHeart. My in-laws had seen it and recommended it to us. It's would not typically be on my genre of movies, but it was really good!

That evening we sat out on the patio as it was quite warm for once! It was really nice!

This is Karen enjoying a rest on her throne! :)

This morning after church they left to go home. We had a great time with them this weekend! Thank you for coming! You guys are great!! :)

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  1. Haha I LOVE it that you posted a picture of your new toilet on your blog! Looks like a fun weekend!