Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Backpacking at Iron Bog for Labor Day

This labor day Ty and I and the dogs went to Iron Bog Lake. We got to the parking lot Friday night and Bob and Lo (my brother and sister-in-law) and her cousin Gina and Derek pulled up right before we headed up the hill. It was a full moon so we hiked the whole way up the hill without any light.

My dad had gone up their the morning before and caught some fish on the raft.

This is Gina on her Princess Cot!

The first night we slept in our hammocks and everybody liked them so much, they were used most of the rest of the weekend.

Saturday we headed up to a mine that my Dad knew about. It had a tiny opening, but it was huge inside, nearly 300 ft long! There was an old lard bucket from 1907. Kind of neat. My dad had to head home after that as he had been out of town on business for the last two weeks.

Scratch was really tired, I think he and Sniff stayed up all the first night, running around and playing.

Ty and I decided to hike the ridge back to camp and everyone else came with. Most everyone had never done hiking or scrambling like that before. It was fun.

Afterward Ty enjoyed the leaking boat with some waders on!

The rest of the afternoon I took and nap and woke up to Ty screaming as he jumped in the lake.
Gina, Bob and Ty were all jumping in.

We all played cards later in the tent when it started to rain. It was really crowded but we only played two rounds. Of course Lo won. She also won later when we played Black Jack. She won nearly every time!

Sunday we relaxed by the fire, took naps, and ate really good food.

Derek took Scratch for a boat ride a couple of times!

Later when the sun came up we all jumped in the lake. I didn't bring my swimsuit, but still managed to get talked into jumping.

It was so cold!!! I was nearly hyperventilating as I climbed out.
But we had a fire going the whole weekend, so that kept us warm.

I even helped Bob with a little first aid for his broken head!

Lo and I have the same shoes, but her's are a little smaller than mine! Haha!

We headed home Monday morning and headed back to Shelley to see my Mom for a few hours. After dinner we went to Frontier Pies and had a yummy peach pie. Then we headed home.

That was one of the best camping trips I've ever been on. It was so much fun to spent time with everyone, especially the girls. Thanks for inviting us, Bob and Lo!


  1. You're welcome! Thanks for coming with us. It was a blast! We'll have to do something again sometime.

  2. Heck yeah dude, thanks for putting up with my wussy climbing skills. I had a blast. Ya'll are a pretty funny couple!

  3. Looks like fun! You and Ty sure do seem to spend a lot of time playing! :)

  4. Ty must be adopted! Roughing it in the Sleight house means not having the sleep number bed and the furnace to turn on when it dips below 63.