Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mom's Suprise Birthday Party

A couple of Thursday's ago was my mom's birthday, the big 50!! Well she quizzed us all about where we were going to be that night and enjoyed a great night out with my Dad. The next night, totally unexpected 15 people ring her doorbell and shout surprise!! Carrying food, balloons, cake we crashed my Mom's house. All of us kids were able to come except Colin, who's on a Mission in Minnesota and Christen whose in Washington. My cousin Trevor and his family, my uncle Ron and my Grandpa and even my Mom's best friend since she was two years old, Patricia Huntsman, was there. We had some really good food, some really really good chatting and catching up.

I attempted to make a No Sugar Added Cake(because there were strawberries in it), as my mom has reactive hypoglycemia and can't have real sugar. It turned out really good, everyone loved it, even the people who don't normally eat sugar free foods.

Then we surprised my Mom with Saturday off work so we could all hang out for the weekend. We went through my Grandmother's recipes had a picnic lunch and scrapbooked. ...Then we surprised her with a Girl's Weekend Trip to Portland, Oregon in June for 4 days.

Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she was mad for a while about the trip. Apparently she thinks we're all too poor to be spending money like this! But we had already bought the tickets and planned it all so she had to live with it. :) I think she'll warm up to it soon...I hope! We've got a whole list of things to do and we're sooooo excited!! Anyone who has any other good ideas about what we can do while we are there, feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks Mom for all you do and for sharing the weekend with all of us. We love you so much!!! Happy 50th Birthday!!!!

Here's the pics.


  1. How fun! Your cake looked awesome! I've never been to Oregon so I have no good ideas, sorry :(

  2. It looks like you guys had a blast! If you get a chance tell your mom Happy Birthday for me! I've never been to Portland but I'm sure you guys will have so much fun!

  3. The one day Steve and I were in Portland we went to the temple- it was beautiful so if you can take a trip to the temple. We also went skydiving so if you can talk your mom into that one that would be exciting:)