Sunday, August 10, 2008


Since you all haven't heard from us in a while, I guess it's time to get caught up!

Remember the original pic I posted of the garden? Well this is what has become of it! WOW!

This is only a small sampling of the produce we've gotten from it. We counted today and both Ty and I had 9 servings of fruits and vegetables today! NINE!!! I know... Kara this is for you (nerdy eyeglasses)...that's what you get when your a dietitian!

We have these two lovely apricot trees in our yard. (One is slightly behind and to the left).
Last year we only had a few apricots...that hadn't fallen off the tree already...and made them into 6 pints of apricot jam. It was so good we decided we'd be preemptive this year and ended up with about 50 half pints of freezer jam.

After that I donated the rest to a co-worker, who canned 112 quarts of apricots.

Look how many there are still on the tree...and on the ground! :(

Up next is the you can see they too, are going crazy! There are so many of them the branches that we can normally walk underneath, are nearly touching the ground (which is why the tree looks so funny)!

Luckily there's only four...wait...five! apples on our tree this year...but that 500% increase in yield from last year! :)

We planted and watered and watered and watered and watered some of these butterfly and hummingbird garden wildflowers. We were afraid that they would never bloom and I think the neighbors thought we were diligently watering our WEEDS! Haha!!

They have been blooming now for a few days and are soooooo pretty! Take a look!
These pink ones are Ty's favorites.

I like the white ones. There were also some really pretty red poppies with black centers that were absolutely gorgeous!

Friday when Ty and I were off work, we did a little home improvement. Part of his job was removing the old tree stumps! He tied his truck on to it and pulled...for like 50 feet, when all of a sudden the stump shot out of the ground like a bullet and was amazingly stopped by the fence 15 feet away. WOW! It's quite massive. I think this could burn for like 3 hours or something.


  1. WOWEEE you are quite the gardener I love it!! I have been trying to grow a Clematis for two years now and no luck I finally have a little vine but no flowers and your is so very cute and Purple I love purple. As for your Plum tree I say if you need someone to take some off your hands let me know I would love some yummO

  2. Wow! Matt and I are impressed!!! It seems like forever since we've seen you guys! Kara and I are planning a baby shower for Holly sometime soon, are you planning any trips to Utah in the near future? If so, let one of us know so we can keep it in mind when we pick a date!

  3. Hey! I was so fired up about your garden post. I loved seeing all the pictures and was thoroughly enjoying the post. Then it hit a whole new level. You successfully predicted a perfect nerd glasses moment. Congrats on a post which needed "nerd glasses" to be fully appreciated. Ahhh, geeks, how I love that there are more than just myself out there...
    Oh yes, p.s. we want to do a Holly and Lindsey(Holly's baby to be) shower. At Holly's house in Clinton. When are you coming this way?

  4. Holy cow! I had no idea you had such a nice garden. Do you know anyone else who has apricots? Are your's all gone? Stephanie and I wanted to do some jam...but we can't find any apricots. Let me know!