Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh How Our Garden Grows!

Ty took a beginning horticulture class at the local college and started growing all kinds of cool things. Especially sugar peas. They literally have been growing like weeds. We got them planted outside tonight along the rest of the spring veggies, like spinach, lettuce, chard, radishes, romaine, broccoli and the rows of more peas.

They is plenty more to come as it gets a little warmer. Hopefully this weekend we'll have time to plant the rest of the garden.


  1. Oh man I'm jealous.....I want a garden, Josh won't let me plant it untill we get the grass in.....so hopefully this weekend I can get afew things planted....the growing season is touchy down here! We live on the way to Zion now....so closer to my parents than the old apt!

  2. Ty is going to be the next Johnny Appleseed.

  3. looks like fun. We are just going to take up some of my parents garden spot for our stuff this year, but its still to cold here in fact it actually snowed last week-Yeah crazy I know. ANyway hope yo see you soon,